The Sun the Universal Healer

A.J. Roché

A.J. Roché

Remember the bliss you feel when your winter-weathered skin feels its first days of warm rays! Remember the agony of a mid-summer sunburn. From one extreme to another, I would like to invite you to bask in the glow of the happy medium known as sun-kissed!

Contrary to popular belief, the sun IS GOOD for you and does not particularly cause cancer! Chemical imbalances, stress and the
wrong diet is what causes cancer. It is actually recommended that
one gets at least thirty minutes of raw sunlight on the whole body daily (preferably with minimal clothing). (Start with ten minutes if you are sensitive to the sun or sit in the sun with clothes on)! The sun has many healing properties and is crucial when fighting disease or illness. It converts cholesterol into vitamin D, which is a micro-nutrient that helps protect you against various types of cancer, as well as psoriasis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Oh…Now I See!!!….


The eyes absorb energy from the sun’s light, so wearing sunglasses all of the time limits the opportunity to receive healing energy. Generally, sunglasses should only be worn while driving and prolonged periods of sun exposure. (If your eyes are light sensitive, try to go a few minutes without sunglasses when the sun is low!)


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