A.J. Roché was born and raised in New Mexico. She started writing poetry at the age of 4 and some of that work is preserved due to her father’s efforts.
Due to her love for words, and her capability of expressing her thought and feelings through them, A.J. has spent her life nurturing and caring for her creative A. J. Rochetalent. Her dad is her biggest supporter and her daughter is her inspiration.

Miss A.J. Roché loves to read all things, but she really enjoys a good fairy tale and a little magic. A.J. prides herself in writing moral stories for children, and believes stories these days lack that. She is excited for the opportunity to have her stories enjoyed by all that read them, regardless of their age, and as she likes to say, “from diapers to Depends!”

In late December 2013, A.J. Roché’s book, Fiona the Funkadelic Freckle Fairy was published by Community Publishing. In her multimedia Children’s eBook, a child inquires about the appearance of her freckles and their origin for the first time. Join author A.J. Roche as her rhythmic prose blends fairy-tale and reality in this delightful children’s myth. Narrated in both English and Spanish, this story includes the beautiful illustrations of the immensely talented Audrey McNamara and artistic contributions by Acey May. The book plays on all digital platforms including web browsers, Apple OS, iOS, Android and most other tablets and eReaders. It is available by visiting: http://goo.gl/h6KUA2

This entertaining multimedia eBook includes a hands-on education component that emphasizes our solar system, constellations and 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade vocabulary words. The educational component comes in both English and Spanish.

She currently resides in Albuquerque where she practices Massage Therapy and creates clothing and jewelry through the art of crochet.


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